Ten Oldest Universities in the World

Ten Oldest Universities in the World

1. University of Al Quaraouiyine
Location and Country: Fez, Morocco
Established Year: 859

2. Al-Azhar University
Location and Country: Cairo, Egypt
Established Year: 970

3. University of Bologna
Location and Country: Bologna, Italy
Established Year: 1088

4. University of Oxford
Location and Country:Oxford, England
Established Year:1096

5. University of Salamanca
Location and Country: Salamanca, Spain
Established Year: 1134

6. University of Paris
Location and Country: Paris, France
Established Year: 1160

7. University of Cambridge
Location and Country:Cambridge, England
Established Year:1209

8. University of Padua
Location and Country: Padua, Italy
Established Year: 1222

9. University of Naples Federico II
Location and Country: Naples, Italy
Established Year: 1224

10. University of Toulouse
Location and Country: Toulouse, France
Established Year: 1229

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